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White Heart White Soul
  • I love Matt Ko (Roger Kwok) as a semi villain.
  • Honestly.. I’m not a fan of May Tam (Kriystal Tin)
  • I’d like to see Ron Ng protray something else other than a police office.. But I like him as Funny Cheung.
  • Sometimes I wish I had a father like Henry To (Waise Lee). Yes.. He’s over protective but, that shows he cares?
  • I think they cast Marco Ma (Louis Cheung) very well.
  • Also love Scarlet Sze (Leanne Li), she can pull off the classy, elegant lady very well.
  • I can’t wait to see the reveal of the relationship between Marco and Scarlet.
  • I wish they cast a different actress to play Gillian To (Lisa Lau) is very green.. And her acting is a bit over the top in my opinion.
  • Alvis Yung (Jason Chan) as a semi villain/asshole doesn’t work for me.
  • I’ve said this many times but I’ll say it again. Lau Miu (May Chan) is adorable.
  • I think the “big boss” behind Marco is secretly Henry To.. 
  • I think the case between Marco Ma/Henry To/Kwong King Cheung is being dragged on longer then necessary.



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The Ultimate Addiction 點金勝手
  • Gloria Tang is VERY dull.. And is it just me or does her eyes tend to look upwards while she’s talking. 
  • The relationship between Stephen Wong and Sharon Chan is very annoying to me.. I understand each family has problems but it seems like every time (or 99.9% of the time) they’re on screen together - They’re fighting.. Over money, and stupidity.
  • Ben Wong is a darling in this movie. I love his relationship with Bosco Wong. I also love the way he treats Sharon Chan and Elaine Kong.
  • I adore Bosco Wong and Nancy Wu as a couple. I think they’re both excellent actors despite the rumors about Nancy not liking Bosco due to her close friendship with Myolie Wu.
  • I think Bosco Wong pulls off the wealthy, confident and arrogant roles very well. Anyone remember Michael from Lives Of Omission?
  • I don’t know if it’s Toby Leung’s voice.. Or the way she acts but I don’t like her.. Still.
  • There’s A LOT of English being spoken in the series.. Why? I have nothing against that but sometimes it’s a tad confusing to me jumping from Cantonese to English, to Cantonese every second sentence.



如沒法 攀山跨海講一聲你好嗎
還是要 打通手機留言留傳牽掛
曾是你 甜蜜句 甜蜜處美麗國度媲美送花

時日過 真心真話越問就越虛假
麻木到 一聲不響情感亦在簡化
懷念你 懷念我 曾共對偉論偉大得似天馬

如愛就愛吧 三心幾意後誰又留戀 逝去落霞
都總有事情來讓幸福 歇息休假
長篇美事 一天一些變化 純屬情話 還是廢話
能說就說吧 兜彎轉角後誰又提起 昨天吵架 越說越差
真的很怕 如何又信六歲聽過的童話

無事幹 寫出一堆小感觸認真嗎
然後我 打開手機收得到回覆嗎
文字戲 談近況 談大愛我共你像一對啞巴

時日過 真心真話越熱就越像虛假
螢幕裡 編織關心情深款款怎消化
懷念你 懷念我 曾共對抱著笑著溫馨暑假

如愛就愛吧 三心幾意後誰又留戀 逝去落霞
都總有事情來讓幸福 歇息休假
長篇美事 一天一些變化 純屬情話 還是廢話
能說就說吧 兜彎轉角後誰又提起 昨天吵架 越說越差
真的很怕 如何又信六歲聽過的童話

留言留下記掛 誰又看化 望穿短信中蓋住了面紗
地球在變化 是情人在變近 或變差

如愛就愛吧 三心幾意後誰又留戀 逝去落霞
都總有事情來讓幸福 歇息休假
長篇美事 經得多少變化 維護承諾 原是天價
想愛就說吧 兜彎轉角後誰亦曾經 受傷驚怕 踏錯行差

真的想要 能重拾信心就回話 一聲好嗎